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Re: No


Sharing with your so called “Newbs” is not cool reason for they just end up stabing you in the back in the end i only sell my codes if there worth selling other wise like the code you posted which is maddly out dated would be something i would give out 😀 sad thing is giving out old code is pretty dumb when you think about it reason for is its not going to help someone new at programming for paltalk.i tryed learning from others codes but in that case its not teach you how to code its teaching you how to modify stuff now since i have given up paltalk programming only because i have been a paltalk kiddie since 1999 and its getting old real fast now with paltalk updating so much its not worth it when it comes down to it my point im trying to make is if i cant make the program then i cant and i wont ever use someone else code again with that said i do very lil coding but i have made a few good programs without using anyones code other then the code in visual basic.

with that said if you really wanna help someone give them a code that is up to date and not something useless that code you posted is easy for you to understand but you said

Dont you people think its better to share code with newbies than to complie
it? at least they will learn something

with that said if they were newbies what makes you think they will understand all that stuff there? you really lost me here.

by the way im not trying to poke a fight im just questioning your post 😕