Re: Re: An easy VB 2010 Send and Gettext Sample


@locohacker wrote:

Ah nice, 🙂 one thing auto how about connecting to the room, cause that only connects to the DlgGroupChat Window Class wont that be an issue if a person has other rooms open?

Yes, the demo will connect to what ever room is the room with focus. To connect to a specified room, add the PalRoomSelector as described in VB 2008 Paltalk Integration. Then find the button click event code and change the “vbNullString” in the following line:

Dim hWndMain As IntPtr = FindWindow(sClass, vbNullString)

Replace vbNullString with Me.CtrlRoomSelector1.RoomName

Dim hWndMain As IntPtr = FindWindow(sClass, Me.CtrlRoomSelector1.RoomName)