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Re: Re: Auto Away Message Changer


@autopilot wrote:

I am not sure about what is going on inside of pal, but it does seem that they don’t add the commands until you open the change my status menu (or at least I couldn’t read them until after the menu was opened).

That’s normal behaviour. Windows has a set of messages it sends to the application before the menu is oppened to allow it to modify the menu.
There are 2 menus that need to be changed when messages are changed or loaded, the one you are using, and the one that pop up inside the window where you can also change the status. Paltalk programmers probably decided to change them only when and if needed.
Now all is left is to figure is what messages they are acting upon.
Hopefully there’s a solution, not trivial (until you understand what’s going on) but i believe it can be solved. I’ll look into it tomorrow.