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Re: Re: Cant get Text from Room – Crown IM ?



hi Bro Dep, I for sure did read you post, and I never miss any of your replies bro, thats for sure. I even replied back but you maybe havtn seen it in here:

So from your message I understood that it was not possible to get any Text from Beyluxe and Crown IM. My bad bro, But I still wanted to try Crown IM…. Then crown im showed to be different and very easy to get some codings… Now How come I cant get the Content of Child Windows when I can get Content of the Main Windows and everything else in Crown IM.

Does it mean that we are only able to get “SOME” of the parts in Crown IM, and not all of it?
Waiting for your reply brow!

Ps, I have sent you a PM about something funny,,, Please read when you get the time lol

I have so far created 2 Products that works fine, beside that I need to re-code the Greeter! One is called Auto-Greetor and the other is a Text Flooder and a Chatter—

Greeter – With Text Sending Options

Flooder With Text Sending Options: