Re: Re: How to get a reaction on a Recieved PM?


Awesome, I forgot about the previouse explanations .. Now i can see the total meaning.. I will take a look again and again as I always do. I def let you guys know about the updates. And so far so good Chike. Below is an Image of how far I have come.

I dont wanna crowd this more than the 8 buttons I have implemented! It still only has to be an auto-responder :D! I also created a fully functional inbuilt Text-Sender as well! It can send Text in the room and in PM-Chat, and ofcourse without any Room Selector or any dll…

Thanks to you and String I managed do the last part without any dll. Hats off for you guys! Incl. Locohacker a lovely person who helped me with the Away Status..etc.. as he always does.