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Re: Re: multipal logins… (palpalpal replacement)


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Each machine on a router can have it’s own ip, can it not?

I guess with some routers they can, however the majority cable/adsl providers give you only one, and most home routers operate as a NAT

Most ISPs (in the USA at least) have options / packages that you can opt for allowing multiple IP addresses. Comcast for example charges an extra $5 a month is all. You will still need an router that can assign WAN IP to LAN IP or just a simple switch. Comcast assigns IP addresses according to MAC address. So with the switch in place the MAC address of each computer gets assigned a seperate WAN IP. Personally I have 1 switch with multiple routers behind the switch (overkill I know), so the MAC address of the router gets assigned a WAN IP.

Its not a server side block on the WAN IP. I just tested using Departures 9.2 236 work and brought 2 black names into the same room.

/edit: we are not allowed to discuss the c word here… :mrgreen: