Re: Re: Paltalk 11.1 build 539


//Edited 29-10-2013

Thanks for Sharing Mate! And below is a Screenshots of the new Smileys!

//Edited, New Updates:

Another Version has been released. I can see the old Blue Welcome Notices on Welcome has been added for good now (hopefully). Plus the DarkRed/Bordeaux notices on welcome in the rooms + warnings have also been added back as it was befor!

And last but not least, Paltalk have added some larger Smileys than old ones!

Update 29-10-2013 – More Changes in 539:

The the NUDGES and SCREEN CAPTURE has been removed from the Private Chat PM, and instead they have added the new Options inside the “Actions” Tab/Menu!

The new Options in the “Actions” Tab Menu is Called:
-Send Pal a Screenc Cap
-Send Pal a Nudge

If the Link above Dies as they will one day, Then here is a Link To Mediafire, and a Portable Version too!

Download from

Download Portable by

Credits: Pacman for the Update!