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Re: Re: Paltalk 11.3 Build 550


@ChiNa-Man wrote:

@Pacman, for your question if it was FINAL.. No its not bro, and they even told our Beta Testers that the first Build 550 was not even a Public Version. It was just added for testing between Paltalk Devs, I guess. But the version below is a BETA and probably soon we will get a Final Version.

So Yesterday Paltalk Released another 550 BETA……… AGAIN.

The Beta Testers got the news about this Version, and can be downloaded from the same link as above. There has been some smaller changed, but in this build they had included that that the “Right click in chat room to view profile is working now.. And plus there has been lots of smaller tweaks and fixes too.

Download Beta 550:

New Portable 550:

A perfect example of what not to do.
Like they are short of version numbers.
You #$%^&* up, add 1