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Re: Re: Paltalk Account Locker 2.9


VIrusTotal Fail Scan Image:

It looks good, but will this LOCK Paltalk Users Account or what will it do? If it does lock users account, then it cannot be posted on here on Imfiles as we have strict rules about this kinda stuff…. I found also other problems with the file! After downloaded the file, it has no File Extension. I dont know if the File Hosting is doing it, or its done by a mistake. I found out that its a Rar file because it does say rar. I had to rename it to rar, I was thenable to open it. But I cannot scan it either on

So please rename the file and re-upload it somewhere else, and if you can add some screenshots of your tool and add the Scan Results from

Ps, If the Paltalk Account Locker is what we think it is, then simply remove that, and post the rest.

Thank you, and will be waiting for your reply