Re: Re: Paltalk and Windows 8-Sound Issue


Hi Mate, Thanks for reporting the problem in here…

The sound issues are very new and you are not the only one having the same problem! I had the same problems on my end and for days we tried to contact the help rooms ourselves.. And we never use the Help Rooms when we know we can fix the issues ourselves. But this time it was different.. Its def not your windows. Its a Paltalk Issue and server issue. The words about about the Sound Problems in many many rooms are true! We visited Paltalk Help room a few days ago for the 2nd time to hear about new updates.. And again we were told the same..

The sound problems has been going in for a few weeks now… You can read about the new Sound Problem Topic made by our forum advisor Popeye11100 on China-Cheats! He is an old Paltalk RED HAT and today working in Tech Rooms.

Here is the topic Popeye made about the same issue a few weeks ago:

If you say you can hear the sound in the 80’s room, then its def not your Windows, and just like what happend to us …Else all we can do is to wait… Good Luck Mate.

Ps, I have one more suggestion for you, Try a Portable Version of our Latest Released of Paltalk. We have some good Feedback on it! Its worth a try and released a few weeks ago….

Download Beta 474 Here: