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Re: Re: Paltalk Keylogger


You silly that program is not something you can send to someone that is a client sisde keylogger its lame and detectable you want a good keyloggy make it yourself or get a Membership at forum and download a good keylogger and many more good stuff like ban removal and soon hopefully to be releasing PTH Shadow a remote paltalk trojan. If you cant pay for a membership then i guess your stuck here waiting on someone to make a keylogger for you im sure there are alot of nice people willing to make a keylogger for you free.

@msyco666 wrote:

Hey you all know what a keylogger is i have tuns of green nice all u need is a keylogger u need to say to the person there is a picture of u i wan to see if the want to get ride of the have to format it good stuff huh go to this site and here is my mysace add me.