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Re: Re: Paltalk login/encryption source.


@Martin wrote:

the TCP/IP messages you mentioned take a hell of alot more skill then sending a couple 32-bit integers to a window handle.

Not realy, after doing DOS/Windows/Mac/Linux I can safely say it is all just about the same.

@Martin wrote:

you dont want to buy it, nore learn what paltalk is really about…so why even speak.

Paltalk is about having fun in case you didn’t know.

@Martin wrote:

(unlike those other 2 idiots)

Starting with profanities now tsk tsk.

@Martin wrote:

the reason my site isnt as active as it once was is due to the fact that we put a stop to leaching… specifically to get rid of the ppl who come there looking for free source codes. that plan worked very well.

This site is about sharing knowledge. What are you doing here then? leeching?
I wonder what kind of tools you have developed to do what you do, or how much money tou have paid for them. Surely you are not using unlicensed software or free tools are you?
And no doubt you have taught yourself all you know, and never used a single line of code written by others. at least without paying for it.

@String wrote:

In this thread from your site you write:

i got screwed over on the paltalk botoer i wrote, and it got patched.. due to this person fu**ing me, i have lost out on hundreds of dollars now. pfft.

LOL tell me i didn’t see it coming.