Re: Re: Paltalk Protocol?


@Chike wrote:

It’s simple, software cost a lot to develop and there is not enough Linux users to make it profitable. They hardly manage to fix all the bugs in the Windows’ version, you can’t expect them to start messing with Linux for a few geeks.
As for the servers, it’s very economical to use Linux, and you can even change the kernel to fit particular needs, which make Linux the right choice for any kind of servers.

Regarding your project, I would think making Paltalk protocols filters for Wireshark is the best way to start with.

Quality software requires time and effort — this can represent a significant financial investment, but often many people from the software development community are willing to donate their skills and time to bring about the desired software. This is the core idea behind many open source projects such as Linux. Linux used to be comprised of a “few geeks”, but today it is more widespread than ever. Many Universities teach software engineering exclusively for *nix based systems — in turn more and more businesses turn to it for both server and everyday workstation needs. If you’ve never tried it before, I encourage you to give it a shot — is one of the more popular packages and it is literally just as easy (if not easier) to install and use than Microsoft Windows.

And good point on the filters for Wireshark — I normally use a homemade sniffer, but just wanted to explain the basics of Wireshark for anyone looking to explore.