Re: Re: Paltalk Talk Timer VB Source


i got too excited i had hoped the code would come with a Visual Studio Solution. Does anyone by chance have VS 2008 so i do not have to install something i do not have the bandwidth or storage for? I just need a solution that i can import directly into VS 2010. i appreciate any help getting my hands on this thing! i have tons of ideas i want to add to this timer

i went ahead and downloaded VS express 2008, not easy to find these days. I reached my data usage cap for the month but only have two days until it resets, but no Netflix for the weekend was a small price to pay to get my hands on this code. Long story short. I still cannot convert the project because, that’s right I need VB6 installed! Arrrgh!

So it is failing to convert complaining about not having the COMDLG32.OCX, RICHTX32.OCX, and TABCTL32.OCX which I downloaded the .cabs for all three and installed via the .inf and restarted in hopes those were the only required files to complete conversion. No such luck, it still complains about the same three files. I also have installed VB^ runtime in a pathetic attempt to get passed this issue. I seriously doubt I will have any luck finding an .iso for VB6 but will try looking for it. If anyone is able to convert this code to VB2008, I would love to work with it this weekend! i would like to add a rule to this thing to only run when a certain amount of hands are up and to alter the time on mic based on the number of hands. this is an awesome start to a much needed program for admins. Thanks again loco for all the effort.

I thought i would edit one more time to add the link to the VS2008 .iso in order to save anyone who might be willing the time of wading thru Google and being redirected to the official 2012 release like I was. just in case there are those who would help but get frustrated easy! 😀

I figure since it is free there should be no issue posting a link to the download, but i apologize if it violates any rules, and yes i did read them, but i don’t recall and i’m just that desperate to work with this code!