Re: Re: Question about Admin Bot


I don’t see a reason for anything to be different with 2000, just somtimes you get a bunch of lines at once when ppl entering the room or typing text.

I was actually starting to wonder how it at all work in basic because MSDN the first word of the buffer sent to EM_GETLINE MESSAGE should be it’s size. So I dunno if basic is making it work or it might sometimes be zero and nothing is returned or what the hell is going on.

I’ll post a sample code for how to keep track of text without losing lines, but since I’m completely lost in basic, i’ll have to do it in my native lamguage C and you can find someone to translate it or do it yourself.

I saw in music bot code there are 3 functions to retrive last line of text but didn’t look to see how or where they’re used (maybe whispers?) or if all 3 of them are needed. My code will only retrive one line at a time, so if you need those you’ll have to save the last 2 or 3 lines to access them.