Re: Re: QuicKeys


@Zeus wrote:

Can you add / modify the next release to allow the auto talker to post less than 1 min? I’m using it as a general timer for the mic and we have a 30 second mic rule. It seems to work if I put in .5 but keeps changing back to 1 when I change focus away from the window and back.

As I do not want this app being used as a room flooder, 1 minute is as low a time interval as I will go.

@Zeus wrote:

Another idea is to loop back to text 1 after text 11 has finished.

It is already supposed to do that… if it is not recycling the autotalker, it is a bug! PM or email me with your system spacifics and we can try to get this fixed.

@Zeus wrote:

I could put it on a bot name and just let it run continuously or something.

This was exactly my vision for the auto functions & talker.

@Zeus wrote:

Another idea is to trigger on specific text. If a person types “blah” then fire text1 or w/e

This is something I am thinking about for a future release. I am also thinking of adding a swear bot to the auto functions. Time frame for adding these 2 features is unknown.

@Zeus wrote:

Would love to see something fire on a change of mic trigger ie when the mic changes from person to the next person some text is fired and then looped if that is possible.

With very limited application and demand, I do not see this making it into this app.

NOTE: Planned for the next release:
– Bug fixes
– Multi Language Interface (I am in need of some people to translate form labels & captions into other langauges so that you can see the program in the language of your choosing. PM or email me if you would like to help with this.)

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