Re: Re: spam tutorial


@pharaon wrote:

you type words and make shortcut key for it so when you press it it will send the msg to the room..i want tutorial for that one so i learn how to do it…i’m biggner guys and want to learn please some one make detailed tutorial for that program

Well to start with, you dont get a step by step to doing a large project like that… you get tutorials for smaller projects and you learn the concepts taught. then you take what you learn and create your own projects.

so learn how to send text to the paltalk rooms. then learn how to format the text to send formatted text to the room. then once you can do that, learn how to create hotkeys to send text to the room.

if you are a member at chessydoodle, you can download the vb 2008 source to my quickeys project from there (i did not do much commenting in the source code though so it is not the best learning tool).