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Re: Re: SpyListener (Sound Transmitting Tool)


@String wrote:

Download .net4.0
You can also search for 4.5 on their download site, if you are so inclined.

Hi String, Didnt wanna make a new topic, but I have small question.. Hope you can answer.

I downloaded 4.5 not long ago and I have updated my VBNET and Visual Studio and my C# after the 4.5 Installation! And later that week I was then running an application, and I here is the type of a message that I got: The vb “my project” project is targeting “.NETFramework,Version=4.5” which is not installd in this machine..

But I have 4.5 installed, and I was told to carry on using 4.0! Now my question is why could it not recognise it and is there a way to fix that! I am affraid that it might do it while I am using an important project! And can I count on that my project will run correctly using the 4.0 instead….

Thanks mate