Re: Re: SpyListener (Sound Transmitting Tool)


Hi , Good job mate. Its because you are using the old Version. The old version is using Paltalk Express to login to the rooms, while the new Version logs you in with “Paltalk Messenger”.

1) The old version of SpyListener product uses “Internet Explorer” through Paltalk Express to login to the rooms. If you use the old version of Spylistener then update the flash by Navigating to Flash webpage using your INTERNET EXPLORE!

2) Open your Internet Explorer and navigate this page:
Because vBNET is using Internet Explorer browser.

The message where it says “Flash 10 is required” is the MINIMUM requirements, So there is nothing wrong with your flash version! So any version above 10 is good. Remember the new update of Spylistener is more Stable! And it does not logs you in thought Paltalk Express. You will have to Turn on your Paltalk Messenger to login int he rooms.

The first image you posted on top Looks like the new version, and the one you posted below the old version..