Re: Re: Use LV to get a nick? Good, bad, or just wrong?


My program use a DLL that subclass the roon text and the user list, and does not need a timer at all. Everything is event driven. When a user enter the room my program get notified, if it’s status changed also, but it also has the ability to scan the user names and report their initial status. The text is also event driven, I use timer only to schedual cam starts so it won’t put a heavy load on paltalk when sometimes 10 cams open at once (like when you enter/connect a room.)
I believe this DLL can be integrated with basic, however using it is not trivial, since the DLL library use native threads and .NET objects are not always thread safe (like form.)
I have another DLL that monitor room windows activity (create/activate/destroy) to know if a new room is oppened or pal is closed etc.