Re: Re: vb6 Send Text To Anything


I’m not sure what kind of comments your looking for. The thread title suggests that this project will “Send Text To Anything”, yet, it doesn’t send text to anything. Perhaps you did not upload the complete project.

If you’re new to coding and are looking for comments regarding your code… You should learn to indent your code. Will make it a lot easier for you ( and those your sharing it with) to read and understand what you are doing.

In your Timer1 code, you have this:

For i = 1 To Text2.Text
SendKeys Text1.Text
Next i

Declare your variables. Such as i

Although it will work,The Text2.Text in this bit of code shouldn’t be used in this manner. But, if you insist on doing so, it should at least be written Val(Text2)

You should avoid using SendKeys. SendKeys is no longer functional under vista/win7. Have a look here.

Hope that helps.