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@Chike wrote:

On the contrary, it is a quite wasy task, all you need is to figure out the plan.
Obviousely, the PM title has no significance for this task, only the window handle.
All you need is to keep track of windows you have responded to. Easy no?
It gets more complicated when you close pm windows the responder responded to, but that can be left for later.

Hi Chike. Thanks a lot for the response mate. What would I do without you guys advice….

The titles were mainly because I wanted it as my KEY to create a response. I was thinking to create a Timer and using the Window Titles as my KEY. I got this IDEA first because of Balool which had this amazing Responder when a person was Away. The next is the Skype Tool I created not long ago! But never got it Published because some of my friends got errors, and The Skype – Auto Responder is very simple! You start it and then its set to answer back no matter what.

But now the Paltalk will be more special, l becuase I want it only to respond when I am on AWAY Status.
Below is the Skype Tool I posted today.. It is really haunting me with this weird error..

Skype Auto-Responder:

The Errors I get: