[Request] Get Paltalk Room Text

Hey guys. Can someone share their vb.net function for recording room text from paltalk?
In my attached screenshot, the white area shows the room text as it happens live.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
One of locos bots does this but the source code doesnt work for the latest visual studio .net.


5 thoughts on “[Request] Get Paltalk Room Text

  1. hi guys, this is my Paltakl boot program interface 🙂

    is made to assist the paltalk room admin.

    I developed it onVB.net. I try to make another for the same goal, but I think I’ll need a designer 🙂 because i’m not good with colors and design heheheh
    So! If Any one can help with desgining, this is my email address A.BEMBARKA@gmail.com

    thank you 🙂



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