Requesting & Asking about diff. Programs

Hi people

In here you got the opertunately to request or even asked about a heard or seen program that you would like to know more information about…

My qestiong is if anyone of you know about :

Bravida skaynet
Cia 123 or Cia 23

A guy fron Norway tolled me about bravida skaynet that should be able to get all information about that victims user like what his/her directories are what processor & O/S he/she got and even beeing able to see to whom he/she was talking on private messenger… hmmm strange innit?

I looked up on Internet but could not find anything about and he says he got in on CD icludding a CD key… well, maybe one of you knows about!!



5 thoughts on “Requesting & Asking about diff. Programs

  1. Hey guys

    I got Panda Platinum Internet Security V 8.05.01

    anyone has got the username and password…

    i got this one :

    Name: CC3XEXYLEK
    Serial: wdcg3rqe

    But aint working cos need newer one & tried some others but didnt work!


  2. cia hread of a trojan i think thats what your talking about is that cia trojan. i have no clue what the site is for it but i have a friend who loves using trojans on people and he showed me it back in march of this year but its called CIA Trojan

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