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well i tried out so many software for crack yahoo account but non of them works so im here if any one helps me wud b gr8 ,if u say try RAT or keylogger , i will say tht its only works when vicitim is online i try tht bruteforce but its also aint works

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  1. brute force is ok but it slow there was two tools I used a long time ago one was called proxinator and the other worked with the output the name of which escapes me so you would give it the username, and have feed it a file name with different passwords to try. ¬†It would use the output of proxinator to try a password on one proxy then try on another with a different password and so on, Thus the server did not know that the same person was trying to crack the password ¬†and the locking off the account would never happen letting you go on cracking the password, however if the password was not in the list you provided then it is a dead end. As I remember I put a program in here that was a computational password list generator don’t know if anyone will still have it. You might want to ask Locohacker if he can dig it out of mothballs ¬†I think i might have also submitted the source code for it too but never the less it will generate a password file of gargantuan ¬†size ¬† ¬† if you start it from the password length 2 or 3 so it would be a good idea to spin up a vm and leave it running but make sure you have enough space because it will fill up gbs maybe even tbs but your success with any brute forcing software is only as good as your ¬†password list.

    hope this helps.

    sorry it has been a long time and I have had many different PC’s ¬†since I had this software ¬†and created the software I spoke about above.

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