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After installing Windows 10 in a PC the shit went crazy so I decided to do a restore, but guess what Windows 10 messup the recovery drive so I had to restore back to 8.1, but the damn key was not on the laptop lol, So I use this cool tool to retrieve it 🙂 It’s call RWEverything click it to download it, or you can get it from here
So basically open the program and it looks like this
Now click on the ACPI table than on the toolbar click on MSDM Than you will see the key where it says Data 🙂

6 thoughts on “Retrieve Windows OEM key from Bios – RWEverything

  1. I like windows 10 , although i didn’t upgrade but did a fresh install . Downloaded windows 10 from microsoft and did activation whit kmspico. Never bought windows sinds windows xp came out lol , and it saves the time to enter or find your lost key’s.

  2. Honestly Microsoft was stupid to the shit they did with windows 8 like wtf wants a damn tablet looking crap for a regular PC, oh another thing VB 6 works in Windows 10 🙂

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