Send Virtual Gifts to "Offline" Users

You can send Virtual Gifts to users who are Invisible or Have Blocked You!

This will only work for the iPhone and other iDevices using the official paltalk app v4.* that allows you to send virtual gifts.

1.Open a PM with the Invisible or User who has you blocked you are trying to gift!

2.Click gift icon to the bottom right!

3.Select Gift and Send!

**Tip: This will also give away if a user is hiding under invisible!

If you send them a gift and it takes your credits it means they have you blocked or are invisible. :pg:

If it tells you that your gift has been sent but does not take your credits then the user is offline.

6 thoughts on “Send Virtual Gifts to "Offline" Users

  1. This is an older trick, still untested on the latest mobile updates.

    There are other ways to find invisible users without spending credits. You can also watch a few free videos for the credits so you don’t have to pay.

    Before public news of this bug you where able to send gifts to anyone even users offline, I had more fun sending gifts to users that had me on block :-p

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