Site been updated :)

Lol i know it looks shitty right now but Im updating the site to a whole new system, I gonna fix the old forums so peeps can still see it but from now on this will be the new one lol I think 🙂

8 thoughts on “Site been updated :)

  1. lol Man it was me I was tire of messing with ten scripts to manage the site so I decided to make it one 🙂
    bright away the forums still there I just password protected it I gonna PM you the info 🙂

  2. I like the style of the site and much easier to find arround. Cool Profiles and an awesome activity section.

    I just dont like the look of the forums lol. Looks white 😀

    Well done Bro!

  3. Thanks, I know this white olors are ugly wehehhe, but the site is all base on wordpress and i transfer the forums to bbpress which is nice but ugly I’m looking for a style that look nice in bbpress 🙂
    Ah I gonna PM ya the old forum info 🙂 I’m trying to transfer the attachments here but so far no luck 🙁

    Oh ya PMs you can see them on top right of the site 🙂

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