Skype – Auto Responder Bot

Skype Auto Responder – By ChiNa-Man

For this project I used Skype4COM’s Developer Package, Made for Educational Purposes!

This is an Auto Responder Bot for Skype! I created this very long ago with help of a friend. And for months I was only concentrating on Creating Tools and Widgets for Skype, and believe me I have a lot more to publish and this one is only one of them! But later found out that there is much more fun to create a real vBNet Project than just going for Skype and MSN.. And below you will see why I never got these stuff published.


TroubleShoot & Errors:

If you get an error while running the Tool then try follow the steps below, Maybe it will help!
I have included the latest Skype4Com.dll in the ZIP FILE.

1) First Download the Skype4Com.dll below. After downloading the DLL file, copy the path and have it ready for our next step!

Download Skyp4COM.dll:

2) Go to START and in search type CMD, and wait till you see the CMD icon popup, then right click on it and choose “Run as ADMINISTRATOR”….
3) Now in command line type regsvr32 following with the PATH you copied of the DLL file! And click ENTER to Register the DLL.

regsvr32 C:UsersUSER NAMEDownloadsSkype4COM.dll

After Registering the DLL, Try run your Skype Responder again and see if that helped!
I am right now creating a new Thread for this purpose, and hopefully you will get the answer in there

4 thoughts on “Skype – Auto Responder Bot

  1. @Gonzo wrote:

    Nice bot. Although one problem is that it posts in group conversations too. Is there a plan to disable this or can I take a look at the source?

    Sure here is the Source, Good luck and there are many other stuff that you can look up about on Skype!
    Just search for Skypes forums, there are a lot more about this!

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