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    sorry again man 🙂 I think I can work on the youtube thing, but I think if i remember correctly you need to play youtube as like it was playing in a browser or it has its own dll. I let you know.


    actually, u r able to play YouTube on mediaplayer, you see u r more advance than me ehheh


    hahahah thanks and hope you have good christmas , i havent worked on project in few days just trying survivie here with no income and waiting on unemployment been 3 months now


    how to code it tho so all the command buttons all ready with links open and user could put in own link and then capture that with user web cam to publish video to room?


    just noticed bot wont join paltalk now get error


    here screen shot of error


    odd older version will login in must have messed up something


    Yikes somehow i lost the latest backup of project hahahahh, any luck making media player work? Hope you have nice holiday! And by chance ya did fix it please send my way lol


    im back finally still like get project fixed


    Welcome back 🙂 I am hardly here except for updates; can you upload the latest code I can check for the last error you got

    #122736 need to reattach all trivia files but some how the get text from room font size changed cant see and the yotube video in media palyer. Im on new laptop now adding things back so need alot fixing hahah


    hmmmmmmmm forget that link not the project

Viewing 13 posts - 286 through 298 (of 298 total)
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