tc-5613 Login error

umm I’m getting this damn tc-5613 error when trying to work on the programs, did paltalk ban me or something lol

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  1. I propose to make a list of all the errors, bann (tc-0000),(rc-0000)
    for example
    a) (tc-6502) -This account is used in violation of the rules and is currently deactivated.
    b) (tc-6502) – Your version of the Paltalk client did not install successfully or has become corrupted. Please uninstall and reinstall it.
    (rc-6022) – File transfer failed. Please try again later.
    (tc-5609), (tc-5605), (tc-6502) – This account has been used inappropriately and is currently disabled
    (pt-5502) – Unusual activity detected for room. Try join same many nick one PC
    (tc-5907) – Unexpected activity detected
    (rc-5239) – The owner of the this chat room has chosen to only allow a pre-approved list of members to join.
    (rc-5240) – This room is restricted to you at the time.
    (rc-5243) – We’re sorry, the owner of this chat room has specified that you may not enter.

    I think in this case, ION will help us

  2. @Chike wrote:

    I am amazed peoople still making such a big deal of typos

    Typos are common place and no big deal… as long as you can understand what is being stated…

    Call me slow, but it was not until I was responding in this post that I actually realized the typo. The sentence just seemed unintelligible to me at first. But now I see the “so” is meant to be a “do”….

  3. @autopilot wrote:

    @locohacker wrote:

    and if you want to so it and you need my help


    I am amazed peoople still making such a big deal of typos

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