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Camfrog Tools by James

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Spent a few days working on this. Updated: 2/1/2019
I figured i would share it with you.
[Image: screen1.png]
[Image: screen2.png]
[Image: screen3.png]

The second one grabs the microphone better.
Small update... Auto complete user list in combobox

now with winamp bot

Admin commands:
GREAT TOOL! Imma try it out now. Can I request for a music trivia bot? instead of .txt file it will be .mp3? Using winamp player? Sad I am no developer sorry. Just sharing how's the concept works. Thank you!
imma wait til you integrate a QnA and Music Trivia bot using winamp player. Kudos bro!
does it have a source code bro so i can try my code (not much) but trying it

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