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Paltalk Bot

Loco, did you update the bot to include a list of users in the room whom you can right click and bounce or dot?
Not yet Smile I'm still on vacation one more week and summer is over lol
I was updating the NicListClass value and the program was working for 10.x . But now I am trying v 11.1. I am not able to get read/send text in the current version. I don't know what I should look at. Any ideas?
I will update it soon Smile prob by Friday :mrgreen:
any program for mass add???
I'm having issues with the mic lock.  The program won't grab the mic in the room I'm in for some reason.  It shows my room in the list, but won't lock the mic.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
I'm going to check it out for you, it might need updating :roll:
hey I check the bot and is working, which version are you using of paltalk and the bot?
How do i connect my room to the paltalk bot ? would really appreciate your help
Is that this programs no longer work for the new paltak, so you cant connect sorry Sad

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