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    Mr Rageh

    a new chat program 😆 called kallemna voice chat and pm provat text colors but admin said to me video in a new version voice igh quality subscribe your nick any time any color from web site change password room name admin code close room by security code set a pictuure to the room and admin said to me this is a test version and he need helpers boys and girls and need users it is nice program like paltalk and like all4talk and if we become help you have red nmae without any practes an it so nice i want to pe in italian help the link of program is
    in 2 months the program come with beta version visit it and go to pe a help
    download direct link


    wtf is this? Terrible program, probally the worst i seen. Looks like shit, it lags, and gets a runtime error every few minutes if your clicking things. I tried to activate voice and a script error shows up and closes the program. I don’t know why all these arabs keep trying to make a chat, they can’t do it so give the fuck up. I expected it to be another program using the same old delphi source like inspeak, that you can buy for like $1500, at least that code is half way decent.


    I agree, But Hi-Chatter is Coded in delphi and is better than inspeak, And i know he did’nt use the inspeak source codes because coded it him self with some small help from others to make custom class’s. Anyway point being is hi-chatter so far is the best one I have seen from the arabs and I think if hi-chatters get some people over there it will be bigger than paltalk.

    P.s the hi-chatter programmer use to be an active member of this forum 😉


    hmm, hi-chatter is going to be like all the other programs, its not going to get big enough to beat paltalk lol. There is only one way to beat them and that is to spend a lot of time coding the program and when its released have it packed with features. All of this “test” and “beta” shit isn’t going to cut it. Don’t even make it downloadable until you know everything works and it has most of the features you want it to have. Paltalk has more money to spend in the coding of their chat, you have to compensate by being smart on how you release the program. Its better to come out with a bang then start out small and useless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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