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about h4ck0r on paltalk lol

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    iight i would post the convo but it was done in a room so to many pple talking anyways this shit was funny i was sitting in a room n this guy on a h4ck0r said paltalk stores ur password in registry n im like ya its called ur pwd dumb fuck den hes liek u wanna loose ur hard drive n we all started laffing den i gave him my ip den he started syaing wots ur port wots ur port over n over n i kept tleling him go scan my ip n figure it out den he started saying i was scared i thought ive seen sum bad wanna be hacking on paltalk but this guy has got to be the worest just pm him n try urself nickname is h4ck0r


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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