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    I was wondering what people thought of all in one apps…

    just to give an example here is a very basic all in one app that made so people can get an idea in what im talking about…

    this basic app has a Profile info viewer (updated) Flooder to flood the room with
    text at mutiple speeds, E-lite talker to change your text to funky writting,
    a Port monitor ( easy to grab paltalk users Ip address)

    but lets say people did like all in one apps the simple apps could be changed to advanced apps, like greeters, Paltalk password crackers (i know one has just been released) paltalk crackers are easy to make …just like a website cracker username and password. could also add faders, trivia bots ect… all in 1 simple to use app.

    ohh and this is for version 7 build 70, but when making an advance all in one app for paltalk it would include version 553, version 7 and version 8 and you would just have to click what version you are using in the option menu

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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