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announcement: injury almost takes a life

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    well yesterday(friday) night, i was at work getting ready to scrape down the roof of a house, i was on an 8 foot ladder. then i fell off the top, i couldnt move so my dad called the ambulance. they had the roads blocked off and cops all over… i went to the hospital on a straight board, neck brace and i was strapped in tight. they thought my neck was fractured, ma back was broken and ma leg was broken… i went the hospital for immdiate catscan and x-rays, 13 x-rays later, they had ca,me out and said if i landed any diffrent way would have died..i havce a broken leg, fractured spine, and strained neck…i have 3 casts and a neck brace. no heavy lifting or sports for like a year lol. so i was their for over night for all of it, i just got back basicaly and ime be on more offen due to the fact i cant do anything else besides sit here…i am taking pills for main and muscle relaxers so ima be sleeping a lot. i will be on more working on programs and my site. broken leg, fractured spine, strained neck, they though i was going to die…big ass fire trucks and cops all over, tppk then 15 minutes to get me out from under the ladder, cut ma pants open and put me on to the straight board, and off to saint peters i went, their i went through catscans, mri’s and x-rays, i will be out of work n sports for 2 years..


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