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    Palol has just released his beta version of Balool, This is the next Generation of Paltalk “Cracks” with integrated programs such as Colour nickname, Autogreeter, Text Formatter, Text replace. Many more programs will be integrated with the new plugin system..

    More Info:

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    Balool Beta 4 released with some bug fixes and a couple of extra features(for the developer)

    Anyway balool now comes packed with some more useful plugins and you can also download a couple I made, including Paltalk Password Retriever & RGB Colour Selector (for custom nickname colours).

    Link is in the above post, just look in the “Releases” section for the download and “Plugins” section for a couple of extra plugins…

    Full details in the “Information” Topic.

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    Amazing job to the creators of BALOOL, all the hard work has really paid off.
    Very proudly said…

    Thanks to all the developer teammmm,,

    From ChiNa-Man! /Boy

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    New Version, Balool 2 is packed with features for paltalk and is expandable with plugins, I encourage all the .net developers here to jump on board and make plugins for balool as the framework is excellent..

    Release Pages:

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