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BeyluXe AutoGreeter 0.0.1

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    Here is the first ever autogreeter program for beyluXe, Its part of a bigger project I am working on but I thought to release this autogreeter as a standalone program. Its still buggy and some stuff has to be added, but it works 😉

    – Colourful Faded Text.
    – Room Statistics, including how many admins, users and total people in the room.
    – Uses abbreviations “%sn” for nickname joining the room and “%rn” for room name.
    – You can edit and save pre-made greeting.
    – Greetings file is encrypted.
    – Can sit in systemtray so it it does’nt take up your screen.
    – Light weight does not take up alot of resources.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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