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    Here is the scorer works perfectly in Beyluxe messenger coded by light_on_earth and feebeelicious in Camfrog titled, Iskorbor(Scoreboard slang in Tagalog language).


    How to use:

    Just enter the nickname and click on the nickname registered in listbox to add a point.

    You can also choose any color (Green, Asphalt, Ocean, Light, Pistachio, Sand, Pink, Lilac, Black(default), Dark Blue)

    You can set up the end point of the score in settings ex: Win Pts.:¬†“enter number”

    You can also Enable or Disable the Auto-declare winner button and you can change text in

    Win Msg.: “The Winner is: <name> with the score of <score>”

    Tie message: Tie Msg.: “It’s a tie <score>”

    You can also set the score interval text from the default “-” to your choice.

    Name box spaces between the players registered in the ListBox. Default is “|”

    Pre-Text the scoreboard text: Default is, “Scores are: ”

    Ex: Scores are: Player 1 – 1|Player 2 – 1|Player 3 – 1

    You can also enable the auto sort list for the listbox to sort players who has the higher scores to lower.


    In beyluxe, just click Send Scores button to send the nicknames entered in listbox below. Just don’t forget to choose the Beyluxe Messenger in client tab. And run it as Administrator for the program to initialize normally.

    In Camfrog, Paltalk, ect. Just click the Copy button and paste it over the text area in your chat window.

    Note: It cannot connect to Camfrog nowadays because the handle¬†of Camfrog coded in this program is “RichEdit20W” handle just like paltalk. But Camshare changed it to “Internet Explorer_Server”.


    Happy scoring!

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