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– BIG BAN – What do you think ? hmm .

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    I have been banned from Paltalk and this time is not like before.

    I have used ( VolID ) to change my volume number.
    I have used ( MacMakeUp + SMAC ) to change my Mac address.
    I have used ( Paltalk Ban be Gone + PTH Anti-Ban + UnBan Wizard2 )
    I have changed full computer name also .
    I have reste my IPs and so one . . . but still can’t go back.

    I think they banned my system unit NR + system board NR + UUID number
    As you might know , all these numbers are located in BIOS and it is very very hard to change them indeed !

    Paltalk can get these BIOS informations easlly with Motherboard Manufacturer Identification software. For EXAMPLE : AMIBIOS

    It is very straneg that I can go back to paltalk with ( Vmware ) ! I am little bit puzzled overall.

    Why I can go back with ( Vmware ) ?

    Is it becasue ( Vmware ) creats “” FAKE BIOS INFO “” ?

    As you might know Vmware has its own BIOS version which is totally different from the one that you start your computer.

    What do you think ?

    With respect,
    Eye bee

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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