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    I guess people have been having difficulty finding an easy solution to making cam overlays, so I wrote a little frontend to swftools ( which is free (GPL). I posted about swftools in the tricks section ) but apparently *most* windows users aren’t comfortable/familiar with using programs from the command prompt, which is a shame. Nonetheless, I’ve written an “idiot-proof” as possible frontend to swftools. Check the README.txt for full instructions, but the basic concept of it is…

    1. Download the development swftools-dev-win32.rar from
    2. Unzip the attached into the same directory as swftools.
    3. Double-click or add a shortcut to conv2swf.exe.
    4. Drag&Drop whatever file/image you want converted on to the conv2swf
    window and it will be converted to swf format in the same directory
    from which the image/file originated.

    This is a simple frontend. The whole program is less than 200 lines of code, programmed in C in mingw/msys environment and does *NO* conversion on it’s own. All it does is check the files by file extension, and call the appropriate swftools program in a separate process to convert the file.

    Everyone has their favourite paint/illustration program, so use what you’re familiar with to create your own images to convert.



    Thanks a lot man, this simplifies the over lays making a lot for a lot of peeps specially me 🙂

    Great addon 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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