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CheesyMp3 Player [Beta]

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    This is meant to be just a normal light weight mp3 player, But with the added Option to send song titles currently playing to paltalk rooms I guess it belongs in this catagory, It still not fully complete but it is functional, Please posts bugs and suggestions for improvment…

    Also you might like to know thqat it does’nt use Windows Media componate, Instead it uses Bass.dll from this has better sound quality than windows media and uses alot less resources…


    Just FYI… after a recent definitions update, AVG7.5 – 8 finds Trojan Horse Generic10 in this program.


    Ah damn I can download it and test it, I geeting a damn error can ya still download it

    one thing the reason for me changing the server has to do cause someone has hack on the site and might be changing some proggies 🙂

    I test it most of the site programs with norton and it did found some programs and they were deleted 🙂

    thanks for the info thou :swift:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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