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ChiNa-Cheats "WORD" Banned in PALTALK

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    Dear Members and Friends of

    Our forum / website name is now officialy banned / blocked in Paltalk, like and Crackertony! Not the , but only the word “ChiNa-Cheats” is Banned!


    We have been the most visited forum in 2011 for Paltalk users, and now in 2012
    We are banned in Paltalk, and its not because that we are an illegal website or doing anything wrong, we are doing actually the opposite of hacking and gaming! Paltalk has blocked our website name! The ban can be because we are supporting Paltalk cracks, and this make Paltalk users not to download paltalk, but our Paltalk Versions, like the new Balool 2.2 update, which have been a great success in 2011 and now 2012!

    Now this Ban means that we are actually a well working forum with the most influential users on our website like my friends CrackerTony, Ayush, Pa36jhuk, ION8, Thor, Izet and many other talented members, and a whole lot other users as well!

    This is a PLUS for ChiNa-Cheats, and thanks to all of you for supporting us!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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