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ChiNa Paltalk (435) & (Balool 2.2 + ChiNa Emotes)

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    ChiNaPal Balool 2.2 (1 Click Auto-Installation)

    Hi guys, As educated in the old MS-DOS, I made an easy installer in BATCH, which Installs the original (Paltalk Patch) released from Im-Integrations and ofcourse Balool 2.2! Now its more easier, and if you get a “SETUP ERROR” dont worry, it will do the job anyways! (The error will be fixed soon)! I just wanted to release this new update as fast as I could for you guys!

    Step 1: First of all install Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0 Client Profile
    Step 2: Install ChiNa-Paltalk Newest Build (Balool will be installed too)

    (Download NET. Framework)

    (Download ChiNa-Paltalk Build 435 & Balool)

    by ChiNa-Man aka (ChiNa-Boy)

    ::::::::::::EXTRA FEATURES::::::::::::

    Download ChiNa-Emotes for Balool 2.2

    Visit Balool on:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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