Control la Distanta 3.2 Ultimate Edition(By Xardas)

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    ==~” • Remote Control • “~==


    Program: Remote Control
    Version: Ultimate Edition 3.2
    Date: 07/23/2009
    Title: Silent Remote Control.

    · Short Description ·

    One program that can control the distance of one or more PCs. You can see the image you total control, you can transfer files, you can turn off or restart, you can use telnet commands (eg, format, fdisk, net, etc.) and many others. In short, you have full access on a remote PC as if you were in front of him.

    * How running both

    Remote Control uses a server via TCP / IP, can connect to any PC that is directly connected to the internet (real IP), also can connect to any PC on the local network (LAN). To connect the victim must run the server, accessing it nothing will appear as if it would do nothing, but actually he is secretly installed in the system so it can not be detected anywhere (or any Startup in Task Manager), after the server was running, it can also be removed, he will continue to operate even after several resets or off. The server has a very low detection rate. After you get the victim to run an email server IP address to connect. Once you have connected to the victim, you have access to all of them, you decide what you want to do next.
    PS: This is the final version, the program will come packages with free updates for all those who have an account CLD.

    °°°°° · News in version 3.2

    + A new interface with skin is easier to use, unlike the old one.
    + IP integrated scanner, you can now see if the IP server specified or not installed.
    * High stability and low consumption of physical and virtual memory.
    * Security optimized, it can not be illegally copied.
    * List name / IP address for easy access, you can add and delete.
    * Popup menu for a list of name / IP address for an easy skill.
    * The list of names / IP addresses can be used to connect the Enter key, the Delete key to delete and Insert key to add.
    * House check image quality, you can choose between three levels of image quality, the quality is higher as the lower frame rate (depending on connection performance).
    * Description for each object or feature in all windows.
    + Runs on most Windows operating systems, including Vista.
    * Many other features and benefits …
    + Included are a collection of tools that help you use the program better.

    * A new Hooker that allows real-time imagery and slow connections.
    * High stability and low consumption of physical and virtual memory.
    + Security optimized much better hiding in the operating system.
    + A new Firewall Fucker who manages to solve most software firewalls.
    * A more stable system installation.
    * A new method of transmitting packets between server and client.
    + Now the image can be viewed and displays the login / logout / logoff / startup / shutdown.
    + Structure modified so to have a very low detection rate.
    * New orders for Telnet Console.
    + Email Sender, now comes the IP address directly through mail.
    + Yahoo Account grabber integrated with the server running the session in May will receive by mail and Yahoo Messenger victim (you can get free Mail and Messenger password).
    + Icon Changer included in the package, now you can change the icon with just a simple click.
    * Compatible with most operating systems including Windows and Vista.
    * Many other features and benefits …

    · Copyright ·

    The creator of this program is not responsible for any damage caused! People who have fun are using a Remote Control on your account!

    Created by °….:::: HellTeaM [Xardas] ::::….°

    Free Download:

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