Daily After 12 hours Paltalk Server Deleted My nick

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    Daily After 12 hours Paltalk Server Deleted My nick every time make New Nick 🙁 Very Heard Work :_ any Solve Please ::surrend er:
    I m use Vbox
    Use Dedicated Socks Ip
    Please Any One Solve


    I AM POSITIVE THAT its because you have to many registered, and you are still trying by using PROXY or VIRTUAL MACHINE!.. THEY DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY…….. Its not new, but they are using it now…

    Rule 1: ( Login from From PC (Normal IP / Mac / Router)
    IF YOU REGISTER PALTALK WITH OVER 20 NICKNAMES from your normal IP, (depends on your country and location) ater you register your 20th nickname and as soon as you login on your 20th nickname, they ask you to Activate by typing in your email. Its a little box that pops up and on your right you see the Activation BOX.

    Rule 2:
    If you start using Proxies or Virtual Machines which uses a TAP CONNECTION, to make new nicknames and register over again, and on the same time paltalk knows that you have made 20 others, well dont forget that now paltalk also checks your MAC – ROUTER – IP for spam registrations. Which they didnt do befor, and I have nicknames from 2010 which is deleted today.

    Here is a short description of some of the things happened to me after the new language upgrade in June 2012:

    Purple Color = (Proxy, Anonymouse Browser, Virtual Machine, Tap connections, Anchorfree HSS=

    PC (Mac / IP / ROUTER) to –> Proxyfier connecting to –> Paltalk = DELETES NICKNAME
    PC (Mac / IP / ROUTER) to –> Virtual Machine connecting to –> Paltalk = DELETES NICKNAME
    PC (Mac / IP / ROUTER) to –> Anchorfree HSS –> connecting to Paltalk = KICK YOU OUT AFTER 1 MIN and MAY DELETE YOUR NICKNAME

    PC (Mac / IP / ROUTER) to –> Paltalk = Normal Login no Deletation

    All the nicknames you make “outgoing” from your PC IP / MAC / ROUTER, and from there if you connect any Proxy Line or Virtual Machine, then your nickname can POSSIBLY get delete from!. This rule was not made long ago, but the rule about typing your activation key was very old. Yet not many used to make Spam Registrations as people do today!

    Hope you understood.. GOOD LUCK


    Normal Login no Deletation


    @paltalk1 wrote:

    Normal Login no Deletation

    I never heard anyone had it deleted their usernames after each 12 hours daily. So it means you keep making nicknames every 12 hours right? Then you have the answer right there. Its because you are making to many usernames from same ip. So this is not a NORMAL deletation. Only if you are using Proxy to many times, then you will get that deleted! Or if you register from VIRUTAL MACHINEs to many times daily…

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