Error message with PalTalk Greeter 8.3

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    Hopefully you guys can bare with me here as I get used to these new toys for my PalTalk room that I just found today!

    Here’s the current dilemna – I downloaded PalTalk Greeter 8.3 from this site. I have it all set up how I would like it and it works fine when set to “regular mode”. However, when I change it to “whisper mode”, I get this error on my PalTalk screen: Paltalk: ***** Your whisper was not sent because the nickname you specified cannot be found in the group.

    The whisper itself looks like this: FA BOT: /w (6:29 PM) : Welcome to the real time trading room!

    I did not add that “/w”, it just appears when I run the program.

    I would appreciate any help!!

    Thank you!

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