Fast Admin for paltalk 8.2 build 118

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    Hey peeps I made a quick update for this program, some one email me about it, so I here it is i got some ideas to make it even better but here it for ya to try it out if u need a program to join your room quickly.

    Here how u use it.

    first you must do this, go to the paltalk main client screen then click on action, then join a chat room as admin, now in the list of nicks look for the position the the room owner is in, lets say the room owner is the 3 nick in the list okie keep this in mind,

    now open the program as u can see on the pic on the bottom of this post, see where it says Nick location, aigh right next to it is a box there u put the location where the nick was minus 1, lets say the nick was in third place, well here you would put 2 🙂 now enter the room code, and save it if u want to use it again

    so everytime you want to join the room quxk just click on Join thas it.

    Oh the program also has other options, but that is for peeps the are in rooms where other admins bounce u, what it does it’r returns you back to the room right after they bounce u, I mean if u are admin ofcoruse 🙂

    Thas all 😆

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