get names to listbox string example

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    light 2012

    This example to send and read text by string

    VB6 – Send and Read Text (Pal 10)

    How to get the names from a room to a listbox ? in this example
    Using vb6


    Have you searched the forums and didn’t find any?

    light 2012

    i can get it by using PAT or JK’s API SPY 51

    Function NickGet()
    Dim dlggroupchatwindowclass As Long, splitterwindowex As Long, classcpanecontainerex As Long
    Dim atlffdd As Long, syslistview As Long
    dlggroupchatwindowclass = FindWindow("dlggroupchat window class", Form1.Combo1.Text)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(dlggroupchatwindowclass, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    splitterwindowex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "splitterwindowex", vbNullString)
    classcpanecontainerex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "classcpanecontainerex", vbNullString)
    If classcpanecontainerex = 0 Then
    cwndmembertree = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, 0&, "cwndmembertree", vbNullString)
    syslistview = FindWindowEx(cwndmembertree, 0&, "syslistview32", vbNullString)
    classcpanecontainerex = FindWindowEx(splitterwindowex, classcpanecontainerex, "classcpanecontainerex", vbNullString)
    atlffdd = GetWindow(classcpanecontainerex, GW_CHILD)
    syslistview = FindWindowEx(atlffdd, 0&, "syslistview32", vbNullString)
    End If
    Call GetListviewItem(syslistview)
    End Function

    but i need to get it by same code string


    Can you explain what the exact problem is?
    What do you need, are you trying to do, and what does not work?

    light 2012

    Yes i tried and get this code, but still doesn’t get names tO list box.
    Don’t appear me any error message but the code not work

    ' path to Pal registry entry containing version info
    Const PalVerRegLoc As String = "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallPalTalk8.2"
    Const PalVerRegLoc10Beta As String = "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallPaltalk Messenger"
    Const PalVerRegLocBuildNumber As String = "HKCUSoftwarePaltalk"
    ' PalTalk v10.2 beta build 450
    Const SendTxtIndex10Beta450 As Integer = 3
    Const ChaTxtIndex10Beta450 As Integer = 4
    Const NicListIndex1010Beta450 As Integer = 5
    ' PalTalk v10
    Const Outbound_InboundTextClass10 As String = "RichEdit20W"
    Const SendTxtIndex10 As Integer = 2
    Const ChaTxtIndex10 As Integer = 3
    Const NicListIndex10 As Integer = 5
    Const SplittrWindow10 As String = "SplitterWindowEx"
    Const SplittrIndex10 As Integer = 4
    Const SysListCtrlClass10 As String = "atl:00a2cff0"
    Function NickGet()
    Dim iHnd As Long
    If Len(Combo1.Text) > 1 Then
    FindTheWindow (Combo1.Text)
    End If
    'get nicks
    iHnd = SystenViewHandle
    Call GetListviewItem(iHnd)
    End Function
    Private Function SystenViewHandle() As Long
    Dim iPHnd As Long
    iPHnd = getPalSubForm(WindowClass, Combo1.Text, SplittrWindow10, SplittrIndex10)
    SystenViewHandle = GetTheClassHnd(iPHnd, SysListView32index, "atl:00a2cff0")
    Debug.Print ("SystenViewHandle- " & SystenViewHandle) ' for testing
    End Function
    Public Function GetTheClassHnd(ByVal ParentTargethwnd As Long, ByVal TargetIndex As Long, TargetCls As String) As Long
    'Returns a class's handle
    Dim retVal As Long
    mTargetSubClass = TargetCls
    mTargetSubClassIndex = TargetIndex
    retVal = EnumChildWindows(ParentTargethwnd, AddressOf EnumChildProc, TargetIndex)
    GetTheClassHnd = mSubFormHnd
    End Function
    light 2012



    Sorry for late reply, I found this one here… ..

    Dont forget to update the “NicList Class” and it should work for you….

    But, Could you please let us know if you need this for or vb6? I download the version posted by STRING. Just update the Nickclass list and it should work for you….

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